Clients Say

“Whenever I’ve been stuck, Tatyana manages to get me unstuck. She has a remarkable ability to see things from a very different perspective and ask the question that just shakes you out of your stuck place.  This talent of hers helped me complete my coaching certification with my sanity and sense of humour still intact. She is insightful, funny as hell, smart, compassionate, thinks outside of the box, allows people their own space and freedom to explore their path, a direct communicator, creative, trustworthy, reliable, an all around awesome person.”
– Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy, MSc. Coach, Facilitator, Consultant.


“The Fun Workshop was great! Tatyana does a great job guiding participants through a true process to uncover what it is they truly enjoy and how to bring fun into the day to day. I’d recommend it to anyone!”
–Susan Evans,  co-owner, 
Office Nomads, Seattle.


“Tatyana is a great coach and teacher. I was lucky to have joined a team where her role was to train me. She has the rare ability to build confidence while being instructive. I also gained a lot in terms of how I work with others; she set a great example. The best part: She’s a lot of fun to work with.”
–K. Kennedy, Editor & Project Manager


“Writing exercises and coaching with Tatyana fixed my business writing. The process made it easier to start a first draft and then edit later. It helped me write a lot closer to how I speak, which put my writing into a better flow and a more convincing story format.”
–B. Reeder, IBM


“I began working with Tatyana because I had a new non-fiction project I was working on and needed some organization on my time and accountability to help me reach my goals.  Tatyana helped me better organize my To-Do list, create time to achieve my goals and helped me with other issues that came up. Over the course of our sessions I wrote 30,000 words and better learned how to create future goals & deadlines in a creative way that fit my personality. Taytana was an indispensable weekly connection coaching me to create a better life for myself
–  Kelli Russell Agodon, Writer, Editor, Poet


Before I worked with Tatyana, I was frustrated with my piecemeal existence.  I held multiple part-time jobs, most of which paid minimum wage and were disconnected from anything I’d ever wanted to do with my life.  While working with Tatyana, I was able to make some tangible changes; I make more per hour and I’m doing work that utilizes more of my skills and abilities.  The type of coaching Tatyana does is particularly good for resuscitating hope.  I had mixed feelings about positive thinking, but after nine months of it, I’ll admit that hope can be transformational.  Now, I have roots of a life I want to live.”
McCarty McLaughlin, Writer, Editor, Massage Therapist


“Tatyana teaches me to look at my work differently. She invites me to open my eyes and take note of what around me influences my work, good and bad, and to ask why. To see abundance, to clear away the muck and see clearly what I want to achieve and finally to define how to get there. It’s been hugely rewarding.” –S.J., Seattle Garden Consultant

“Tatyana gives people the freedom to play with their words. She’s the muse who breaks me out of the constraints of my business-writing mindset. She is colorful, creative, inspirational, irreverent and contemplative.“ 
Therese Beale, Beale Communication Planning


“Tatyana is Mary Poppins for any writer. With a can-do attitude and a carpet bag full of tricks, she helps you get out of your own way so you can write. I have worked with her individually and in group workshops: when my business writing or my personal writing is flat, and most recently as I explore the world of blogging. At every turn she crafts sessions with relevant references, hurdle-jumping exercises, and inspiring recommendations. I highly recommend her.” 
 – Carrie Williams, Brand Strategist,

“I approached Tatyana Mishel at a point when I needed someone to engage me in the writers’ life. Writing can be a lonely process, and I needed someone to be my coach, referee, and cheerleader. I found all of those in Tatyana. She would magically appear in coffee shops, in my email Inbox, and on my chat windows, sending me writing prompts and giving me deadlines. She read through one of my early drafts of a few chapters and minced no words. She was exactly what I needed — an advisor, a critic, a friend. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.” — S. Jha, Seattle, author of “Foreign.”


“Tatyana uses gentleness, humor, provocative insight and questions, and just makes the writing process so darn interesting. I have also been in her group classes and seen her work her magic on others as well. She lifts you up so that you can see your ability and power so you can do the work that you love. She is a true teacher.”
P. Dean, Writer