How’s your mojo?

I work with people and groups who are stuck in work life transitions: people who are in jobs that drain their spirits, rather than energize and fulfill, or people who have lost their love for the good work they do. How do you get your mojo back? How do you get on the right path for your unique spirit and natural abilities?

I help people move through these transitions by examining closely what matters to them, and then letting go of old stories that hold them back, and creating new ones to grow into. This also means paying attention to the language and images that hold up these new stories; practicing creative habits, and then making decisions based around what really, really matters — and sustaining these changes.


I also coach biz folks who want to find their voice and establish writing practices so they can expand their communities and their business.

My magic power: 

I help clients smash limiting beliefs and create new stories through their best natural resource – their imaginations. From here, clients can step into their truest selves, do their best work, and have waaay more fun.  People who call themselves “bad writers” see how they’re perfectly strong, effective writers when they find their style and voice and build confidence from there. I help professional writers and business folks who are stuck move past the resistance so they can do the writing needed to be happy and profitable in their life-work goals.

I love to see people discover the creative juice they didn’t know was there. I can get people to show themselves what they’re capable of, so they can step into a long-envisioned life based on “want” and “can” rather than “need” and “should.”  I can help people reimagine what at first appears to be a loathsome obstacle and turn it into the perfect hearty challenge and adventure suited for their personality and lifestyle. Or do something else! I help people find their way back to themselves and go out in the world doing what they do best as artists and creative thinkers no matter what the call their Work.  

You can do it! 

I have helped a stuck, self-doubting novelist regain her confidence and  finish her novel. There’s the IBM salesman who said he “couldn’t write” and is now writing and publishing industry articles. The new business owner who found her internal compass and creative strength that powered her through doubts and onto success. There’s the writer who didn’t think she could make herself a multi-dimensional creative life and now has it; the published poet who found a way to market her new book in her own unique style.     

Who are you?

You’re creative  – and even if you feel a bit stale, you know it’s there.  You want a spirit of creative engagement for your job or business, your daily life, your relationships, your art– because you know creativity is a necessary component to your success and way of life.   

You’re a professional who needs help getting unstuck; who wants to work through creative barriers, whip up some brilliant time management solutions or needs support in finishing a project. You may be seizing the opportunity to finally break out and start that writing project, blog or start up that business you’ve been wanting to for years. You might need to work through a period of doubt and loss of faith. It happens.     

You’re an entrepreneur / indie biz person who wants to start or reinvent your biz which means you may need to write or re-write your business – and your identity. However, you’re stuck. You either A) you don’t know where or how to begin or B)  you freeze at the thought of the writing that goes with it all. Or C) both.     

You’re stuck in a rut, lost in transition or ready to burst out of a threshold. How do you break out of a circular pattern of stuckness in your writing and creative life? What about those life transitions and thresholds where what was once so familiar ceases to be? You may feel lost, but you’re not. Coaching can help you find your own way.     

You want to have more fun. Sometimes we lose our sense of fun and forget how to let go and play when we sit down to write and work and create.      

You want to live the dream. Who doesn’t want to live that ideal vision of a life — but how many people actually go for it? Does that sneaky little gremlin voice keep you from stepping up? Let’s slay those nay-saying dragons and get back on the path.     

I like working with people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and sweat a little to get someplace better — the gritty, open adventurers!   

Call or email me and we can talk about what you’re looking for and how I can help you get there — and we can get to know each other a little. I love hearing from people, so don’t be shy!


Tatyana Sussex
Everyday Creative